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27 Jan 2019

Speed Indicator Devices

Every poll of village opinion has highlighted speeding vehicles as a major concern. Research for the Neighbourhood Plan suggests most of the traffic in and around the village is local. In an effort to try and combat this the parish council looked at two approaches. First, the stick, with the establishment of a Speedwatch group (as in Holwell recently) to try and catch speeders and have the Police send letters, and visit persistent offenders. This can work but needs a sizable, committed team of volunteers. The parish council has opted for the carrot - Speed Indicator Devices, or SIDs, so drivers can be made aware they are speeding and slow down. Discussions with DCC Highways have identified 3 sites which meets the regulations - on the way into the village from Sherborne at Woodrow, from Sturminster at Kingston and on Partway Lane by the village hall. The posts have been installed and the machine should  be up and running in the first week of February. It will rotate between the three sites as required by the regulations. 

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